Tolton Catholic Prepares New Students During Freshmen 101

IMG_0234The first day at a new school can be a challenge as students are faced with a multitude of changes, rules and expectations. Where are my classrooms located? How do I go through the lunch line? What’s the proper way to wear my uniform? What happens if I’m late to class? How do I access the Wi-fi and my student email?  What is expected of me during school Mass? It can be overwhelming.

In order to help prepare our 75 incoming freshman for the school year, Tolton Catholic hosted Freshmen 101 this week. During the two-day orientation, faculty, staff and student leaders covered the answers to many of those questions and much more.

“I think Freshman 101 is really important because we introduce our young people to our mission — spirt, heart, mind and body,” said President and Principal Mr. Bernard Naumann.

Students were given opportunities to meet their new classmates and teachers, walk through their schedules in a simulated school day, understand Tolton policies and procedures and learn about opportunities to get involved in clubs and service. Tolton students even put on a fashion show to demonstrate the dos and don’ts of the school uniform.

“I hope they walk away with a sense of comfort and peace with themselves, because they’re all deer in the headlights right now,” Mr. Naumann said. “I hope they’ve made some friends and feel comfortable at school so that when they start here on Tuesday they feel at home with us, at home with themselves and at home with their peers.”

Mr. Naumann hoped that the students gained an understanding of the primary goals of Tolton Catholic including serving the Lord and entering a relationship with Him, serving the community and enhancing relationships with each other, academics, and how the body plays an integral role in the community and relationships with each other.

The orientation was also beneficial to new faculty members, such as Campus Minister Ms. Chelsea Schuster.

“It was really helpful for me to get to know some of the students in a more relaxed setting before classes begin and really to see from students’ perspective what the norms are at Tolton,” Ms. Schuster said.

Tolton Catholic would like to especially thank the stellar student leaders who helped make Freshman 101 a fun, positive and educational experience for the students.

“I was so impressed with those upperclassmen who were presenting to the freshmen,” Ms. Schuster said. “They got up there very confidently and told their stories and gave witness. They were speaking from the heart and I hope from that the freshmen gained a sense of community at Tolton and realized they are part of this family now. We already accept them and love them and want them to be plugged into the community here.”

Welcome to Tolton Catholic freshmen! We are thrilled to have you here and cannot wait to watch you grow and blaze your own trail over your four years.

– By Joe Bradley, Coordinator of Strategic Communications