Dress Code Updates for 2019-20

In recent months I’ve been working with the Academic Committee of the school’s Advisory Council to review and revise the school uniform dress code, where needed.  A thorough review, including student input, determined that very few changes were really necessary.

Probably the biggest change concerns shoes.  I realized that students needed to have some flexibility in the style and type of shoe worn in school.  Therefore, approved shoes now include dress, casual, or athletic styles, as long as they have a closed toe and heel/back.  In keeping with the current uniform policy, shoes are to be in good condition and clean.  Boots may be worn inside the pant leg.  Slipper-style shoes, sandals, croc style shoes, and heels higher than 1” are not permitted.

Major concerns were raised regarding pants and skorts.  The committee compared what the handbook required and what students were actually wearing and found several areas where the existing dress code policy was appropriate, but simply not actually being adhered to by the majority of students.

For instance, many of the skorts/skirts currently being worn are easily rolled and worn too short. Skorts/skirts should be no more than 3” above the knee.  (Less accurate, but helpful, is to have a student stand with shoulders relaxed and extend the fingers at the bottom of the skirt.  If their fingers extend past the skort/skirt it is too short.)

Also, trouser style pants are required in the uniform dress code policy.  However, students have been wearing “trendier” pants that are tight to the hip, leg and ankle.  These are not considered trouser style.

Our teachers are charged with verifying that students in their classrooms are dressed according to dress code.  In the past, one of their biggest frustrations has been determining proper skort/skirt length and proper “cut/fit” of pants.  To lessen this burden on our teachers, eliminate the confusion and frequent conversations related to the dress code, and help parents and students to choose items that are uniformly appropriate and in compliance, the committee is providing a list of recommended vendors for academic year 2019-2020: Snow Creek, Land’s End and Tommy Hilfiger.

I have samples of pants, skorts (with and without pockets), and polo shirts from some of our vendors in the school office.  One vendor has even supplied sizing kits which includes information about our school account and how to order from the website. Parents and students are welcome to come and see the sizing kits and samples in the school office.   We will certainly notify families of any coupon/sale opportunities that come to our attention as well.

While compliance can be assured through the use of these preferred vendors, returning students will be allowed to use existing uniform items from other vendors as long as they fully comply with the uniform standards outlined in the handbook and appropriately reflect the style/fit of the items being provided by the preferred vendors.  If you are in doubt about compliance of any existing uniform piece, feel free to stop by the office to have me take a look!

Finally, the academic logo is being added as an option for tops.  All of the designated uniform vendors will have the academic logo available.  Snow Creek and Tommy Hilfiger will also have the script Tolton Catholic available.  Either logo is acceptable.

Please understand, the teachers and I want to spend as much time as we can focusing on academics and building positive relationships with our students, and this past year’s issues related to dress code were an undue distraction to that end.   With your help and acceptance as a parent community, we can all work together to make the uniform dress code policy a non-issue next year and in future years to come.

If you have any questions and concerns, please feel free to contact me.

God bless you,

Mrs. Gwenn Roche


Read the 2019-20 Dress Code Policy