2019-20 Schedule Information

Please see the following notes from Mr. Scherrer about the 2019-20 Schedule.


Schedules will be available on Renweb on the morning of Monday the 29th of July.  I will send an email letting everyone know they are accessible. They are under “student information.”    

Schedule changes:  I did the best I could to get everyone into the classes they requested.  This doesn’t always work out. Here are some notes on scheduling this year that can explain some of the class assignments:

Classes not offered this year:  

Speech-Communication does not have an available teacher so it is not offered.

American Literature had such a small number of requests so it will not be taught this year.  Students requesting American Literature will take British Literature this year and American Literature their senior year.

Spanish 4 is combined with Dual Credit Spanish.  

New class offered this year:

Private Music:  Private Music is a rehearsal based class that permits students that are playing instruments that are not a part of the Tolton Band to play their instruments at school.  Students must bring their own instruments and music to school and will be graded on their progression through the music as well as a performance each semester. For instance a student who plays the violin could practice during the school day and receive credit.  It is offered two periods during the day and only three students may take it period.  


Lunch this school year will be during 5th period.  The latest a B lunch starts on a school day is 12:43 with the exception of the weather/10am late start school day which has lunch at 1:04.  Your lunch time will be announced closer to the start of school.  

Schedule change instructions including parent signature.   

The procedure for schedule changes is different for this year.  All schedule changes require a change of course form signed by a parent.  This includes courses not requested but assigned by me.  Emails from parents are not acceptable. Students and parents must be diligent in getting this done because of the narrow add/drop window of one week after school starts.  The form is attached HERE. I also have copies in my office but will need to be taken home for a parent signature.  

Per my earlier guidance, all Freshman schedule changes must be accompanied by a joke.   A real joke, a funny joke. It must be verbally told upon submitting the form. Start working on these now.  This is no joke.  

I will not do schedule changes by email because there are just too many options.  It goes much better in person. An in person meeting takes just as long as drafting a single email reply.  

I will be available during upperclassman registration day on Tuesday, July 31and Freshman 101 on August 1.  I will be around other days as my schedule permits. I will email times each week I am available until the end of add/drop.

Valid reasons for schedule changes are changes in interest in courses, changes in desired or scheduled electives, etc.  Social engineering for putting friends into classes or lunch assignments is not a valid schedule change.  

Add/Drop Window:  

Add/drop is the time where schedules can be changed.  The add/drop window for the fall semester will end on Monday the 19th of August at the end of school.  That gives students a half-day and four full days of class.  

CACC Schedules:  

CACC schedule pickup at TCHS will be held on August 7th from 1pm-3pm.  I will give a talk about how this will work at 2pm.  

Students taking CACC classes will have “CACC” on their schedule.  They are taught in blocks which cover 2 periods of the Tolton school day.  

  • 1st block covers 2nd and 3rd period.
  • 2nd block covers 4th and 5th periods.  There is time for lunch for these students
  • 3rd block covers 6th and 7th periods.
  • 4th Block covers 8th period and ends at 4:05pm.  That is 45 minutes after the Tolton school day ends.

CACC classes have A and B days.  Some students are scheduled for just an A or a B day.  If this is the case you will have a CACC-GSH listed on your schedule for your off days which will tell you where to go during your alternate day.