Jump Start Program

Jumpstart 2ai

Fr. Tolton Catholic High School is proud to announce a new exciting option for our upper-class students, Jump Start.  TCHS is partnering with Moberly Area Community College and Lincoln University to provide college credit options for students who are completing their graduation requirements. 

To sign up, please CLICK HERE!

The increasing interest in offering more college credit options led us to the dual enrollment programs at MACC and Lincoln University in Jefferson City.  This is intended to compliment and expand upon our AP and dual credit class offerings.

The courses are dual enrollment:

Dual enrollment is different than dual credit classes.  Dual-credit classes are taught by high school teachers using the college curriculum.  Credit is dual, so given at both the high school and college levels.

Dual enrollment is different in that the high school credit is not given.  Students are taking college classes for college credit during their time at high school without gaining high school credit.  College credits are built to transfer to the student’s choice of college following high school graduation.  All of these classes are taken online.

There is one exception to the no high school credit option in the area of math.  Students taking math classes above AP Calculus will be given high school credit since TCHS does not offer anything beyond Calculus.  There are a few students each year who would benefit from this option.

How does it work?

  1. Eligibility is determined first through credits remaining to graduate.  There needs to be time in the student schedule to take the class.
  2. Students are eligible automatically if they have are a junior or senior with a 3.0 or higher GPA. Students with a 2.5-2.99 GPA require a counselor letter and parent permission.
  3. The classes are not to be taken instead of TCHS graduation requirements. For instance, a student cannot take a jumpstart English class in lieu of a senior level English class.  Classes are not reported on the TCHS transcript or calculated into the GPA.
  4. Classes are taught on the regular college semester for MACC and Lincoln, with grades published by those schools.
  5. The Lincoln University cost is $150 a credit hour. MACC charges $78 a credit hour unless the student lives in Moberly, in which case the cost is $45 a credit hour. Students of MACC employed parents attend free.   These costs are very reasonable compared to MU at $299 a credit hour and regular MACC classes at $105 a credit hour.
  6. Students are responsible for all coursework, meeting all deadlines and completing all assigned requirements.