Spectators for Home Games

Father Tolton Catholic High School is required to follow the regulations and guidelines of the Boone County Health Department and the City of Columbia regarding large gatherings. At this time, for both inside and outside sports and activities, a total of 150 people can attend.  This includes participating students, officials, parent volunteers (for concessions, etc), security, media (including those associated with live streaming), other necessary staff members,and spectators.

Within the 150 maximum number of people allowed, the number of spectators is capped at 100.  If the number of students involved in the game is over 50, the number of spectators must be reduced accordingly.

We have submitted an operational plan to the City of Columbia to increase our gatherings for outdoor sports to 250 and indoor sports to 150 but have not yet received a response.

Many communities in our area are not allowing any spectators at their sporting events.  In an effort to best serve our families, we have developed a plan that will allow us to include spectators at our games this fall.

General Guidelines for All Sports

Based on the information and guidelines that we have today, the following protocols will be enforced at each event, whether inside or outside:

  1. Everyone must wear a mask or face covering unless they are actively participating in a sport or eating and drinking.

  2. Physical distancing in our bleachers will be strictly enforced.

  3. We will not admit spectators for the visiting team or the general public.

  4. There will be no tailgating at events this year.


At home Football games, we have 61 students involved in Football, Cheer, Dance, and Band.  An additional 28 adults are needed. This includes coaches, medical and pressbox personnel, security, and parent volunteers.

To meet the cap for spectators, for each home Football game, each Football player, Cheerleader, Dancer, and Band member will receive one (1)free ticket to distribute to the spectator of their choice.

Boys Soccer

At home Boys Soccer games, we have 30 students involved.  Approximately 10 additional adults are needed to run the event.

To meet the cap for 100 spectators, each Boys Soccer player will be allocated three (3) free tickets to distribute to the spectators of their choice.


For a home Volleyball game, we have 25 students involved.

Because of space limitations and to meet all guidelines, each Volleyball player will be allocated three (3) free tickets to distribute to the spectators of their choice.

Cross Country

We are currently working with our Cross Country personnel to determine the number of spectators that will be allowed at our home Cross Country meets.


Our home Softball games take place at American Legion Field which is operated by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Columbia.  We will be limited to 100 spectators at those events.  Because spectators can socially distance themselves at the field, no tickets will be issued.

Girls Tennis and Girls Golf

Because of the nature of these sports and the size of the teams, no limit will be placed on their spectators at this time.

Senior Nights and Live Streaming

We will do our best to live stream our home football games. Senior Night for Football, Cheer, and Dance will be Friday, September 11, 2020; special accommodations will be made for Senior parents on that date.  We will announce those as soon as we can.  Senior Nights for other sports are in the planning stages and we will communicate those dates as soon as possible.

Homecoming will be October 2, 2020. More information will follow.


Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.  There is no such thing as a perfect plan during these ever-changing and challenging times. We tried to be consistent and did our best for the students at Father Tolton Catholic High School.