Students coming from diocese Catholic Grade School

  • Parents of 8th Grade Students
    • Students who have successfully completed the 7th grade may apply for enrollment by following these steps:
  • Complete the online application form. A non-refundable $67 application fee is required.
  • The application deadline is January 15.
  • Submit the following items to the school office:
    1. The student’s most recent grade card
    2. Any recent standardized test scores
  • All completed applications will be reviewed by the admissions committee in January and notification letters will be sent out to families in late February.
  • Parents of students in grades 5-7
    • Students who are interested in applying for enrollment at Tolton Catholic should:
      • Stay focused on maintaining a strong academic record throughout their middle school years
      • Keep a record of their church activities within their respective faith community
      • Maintain a file of their grade cards and standardized test scores
      • Sign up for Tolton’s electronic communications, in order to keep up with school news and announcements
      • Submit an application as soon as they are eligible to do so (the summer prior to their 8th grade year)
      • Call Laura Sasser with any questions at 573.445.7700, or email her at