Grading System

Student progress will be available online so that students and parents can monitor student progress at any time. For record-keeping purposes, grades will be marked quarterly; class rank, GPA and honor rolls will be determined at the end of each quarter. Weights will only be assigned to semester grades for a course.

A (93-100) This grade signifies the highest level of achievement in a subject and indicates an exceptional general competence and a marked and consistent ability in comprehension, interpretation, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The student’s work is of superior quality. The student displays initiative and creativity as well as excellent insight in the subject.

B (85-92) This grade shows evidence of comprehensive fulfillment of course requirements. The student has demonstrated an ability to communicate and apply more than merely the basic elements of the course. This grade signifies that the student is more than meeting the demands of the course. The work shows quality and mastery of the subject matter.

C (75-84) This grade reflects a satisfactory grasp of course content. The student can apply and express basic concepts and has shown no measurable deficiency in meeting requirements of course work. It signifies acceptable understanding and achievement which satisfies the required work of an average student. The student can recall the basic elements and understands the essential background and facts related to the subject matter.

D (70-74) This grade signifies a level of achievement and understanding which is generally below the average level expected of students. The student is not doing all of the assigned work and/or is dependent on others in the class. Although somewhat below average, the student has still earned a passing grade.

F (Below 70) This grade reflects only minimal achievement in course work and shows marked areas of deficiency in the basic course content because of poor quality of performance. The student’s work is inconsistent, uncertain and unclear. This grade indicates so many deficiencies in the elements of the course that the student’s understanding of the course content is unsatisfactory, and there is no evidence of even partial mastery or growth taking place.

Quality points and letter grades will be assigned according to a student’s grade averages.