Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu:

A salad and fruit are also provided with each lunch. 

May 9-13

  • Monday — Hot Option: Chinese Beef and Broccoli; Cold Option: Chicken Salad croissant; Sides: Egg roll and fried rice
  • Tuesday — Hot Option: Grilled cheese; Cold Option: Turkey sandwich; Sides: Potato salad and corn
  • Wednesday — Hot Option: Chicken alfredo pasta; Cold Option: Chipotle chicken wrap; Sides: Broccoli and breadstick
  • Thursday — Hot Option: Cheeseburger; Cold Option: Club wrap; Sides: Fries
  • Friday — Hot Option: Tacos; Cold Option: Chicken Caesar wrap; Sides: Black beans and Spanish rice

May 16-20

  • Monday — Hot Option: Penne with Meat sauce; Cold Option: Chicken bacon ranch; Sides: Garlic cheese bread and cauliflower
  • Tuesday — Hot Option: Pepperoni Pizza; Cold Option: Ham & cheese sandwich; Sides: Pasta salad and peas and carrots
  • Wednesday — NO Lunch
  • Thursday — NO Lunch
  • Friday — NO Lunch

Microwaves are available for use.

For more information about how to pay for lunch, click HERE.

Here are some FAQs:

  1. What if I don’t order lunch in advance but forget to bring my lunch that morning?
    We will do everything possible to make sure everyone who needs a lunch gets one.  However, we cannot guarantee a lunch for a student who does not order one by 8:30 am.
  2. If a student forgets their lunch, can a parent or other family member bring it to them?
    Yes – just drop it off at the office.  It helps when it is clearly labeled with the student’s name.
  3. Can a student or parent/guardian order lunch to be delivered to school (using an app like DoorDash, or a restaurant’s delivery service)?
    No.  We cannot accept deliveries on behalf of students.
  4. Can a student order more than one lunch?  For example, I like Chef Ben’s lasagna and know that I will want more than one serving.  Can I order two?
    Yes.  The Google Form will allow you to indicate how many servings you want.  The adult who is checking you in at the kitchen area will have that information as well.
  5. Can I return to the kitchen and get an extra serving?
    No.  Students cannot return to the kitchen area after they have been served.  There will not be any extra portions prepared.
  6. Why do the students have to order their lunches?  Can the form be sent to the parents so they can complete it?
    The students must complete the Google Form using their Tolton email address.  This will give us the most accurate information.  Only one response will be accepted per student per week and it must come from the student’s email address.  Parents will receive the menu each week.  We ask that they encourage their students to complete the Google Form in a timely manner.
  7. Will a student be charged if they “forget” to pick up their pre-ordered lunch?
    Yes.  If a lunch is ordered and prepared for a student and the student forgets to pick it up, we have to charge you for that lunch. Every effort will be made to find the student and make sure they get their lunch.
  8. What if I order next week’s lunches but then get sick and can’t come to school?  Will I be charged?
    No.  As long as the office is notified by 9 am that a student will be absent, the lunch account will not be charged.  When a student experiences a long-term absence, we will ensure that their lunch order is removed in a timely manner and they will not be charged.

If you have any questions about this new procedure, please contact us.