Named Scholarships

You can leave a legacy that benefits Tolton Catholic students well into the future by establishing a scholarship endowment. With a gift of $25,000 or more (paid over a period of up to five years), you can create a scholarship endowment that will continue to support the educational endeavors of Tolton Catholic students in perpetuity. You also have the option of setting award preferences to benefit students with particular academic aspirations, family situations, or financial need.  The funds you contribute to your endowment will be invested in a diversified portfolio that seeks to protect the principal, keep up with inflation, and generate an annual scholarship distribution. With your gift comes the opportunity to name the scholarship, allowing you to secure your own legacy, or forever memorialize a friend, family member, teacher, colleague, or mentor in a very meaningful way. Please direct inquiries to Advancement Director, Jill McIntosh, at 573.445.7700 (ext. 2109) or