Sponsor a Student

The opportunity for a student to receive a values-based education at Fr. Tolton High School is quite a privilege. The Tolton Administration does everything possible to ensure that a Tolton education is accessible and affordable, however, there are situations where a  student and their family need some extra assistance to cover the cost of tuition. Tolton’s “Sponsor a Student” Program matches students in need with benefactors who can provide such financial assistance.

Unlike a donation to the general scholarship fund, which will ultimately be divided to more modestly benefit a number of students who seek financial aid, a student sponsorship is very personal and significant in impact; in many cases, such a sponsorship allows a student to attend Tolton who would not otherwise have the means to enroll.

Sponsors are enlisted on an annual basis to cover anywhere from 50%-100% of tuition expenses (approximately $3,000-$8,000 per year), depending on each student’s respective level of need and Catholic/non-Catholic enrollment status.  In exchange, the sponsor will have opportunities to get personally acquainted with their sponsored student (dinner events, etc.) and enjoy following the student’s progress throughout their high school career.

Thank you for considering a commitment to sponsor a Tolton student. Your support will help them blaze a trail to future success!