Technology Guidelines

Technology has fundamentally altered the ways in which information is accessed, communicated, and transferred in society.  As a result, educators are continually adapting their means and methods of instruction, and the way they approach student learning, to incorporate the vast, diverse, and unique resources available through the internet.  Tolton utilizes technology so that students can acquire the skills and knowledge to learn effectively and live productively in a digital world. Through Google Apps for Education, students share documents, design presentations, learn collaborative skills and access resources. Textbooks, as well, are accessed online, preparing students for the typical learning environment of most colleges and universities today.

We provide students with access to the Internet for limited educational purposes only and utilize online educational services to enhance the instruction delivered to its students.  The school’s internet system does not serve as a public access service or a public forum, and the school imposes reasonable restrictions on its use consistent with its limited educational purpose.

Students are required to bring a device (BYOD) for use at school.  Recommended devices that interface well with Tolton’s technology systems include Chromebooks and laptops (Macintosh and Windows).

Tolton is not responsible for the upkeep or repairs of any device. All students are to pay an annual $200 technology fee to help defray the costs of bandwidth, servers, access points, and other network expenses.

Tolton Minimum Requirements for BYOD Devices

  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.7 or above or Windows 7 or higher or Google Chromium OS (Chromebooks — self-updating OS)
  • Wireless Connection: Devices must have wireless capability.
  • Battery Life: Devices should be expected to last the entire school day (minimum of 5 hours) with normal use.  Opportunities to charge devices in school are limited and subject to teacher discretion.
  • Storage and RAM: recommended a minimum of 16GB of storage on the device and 4GB of RAM for most operating systems, however 2GB of RAM may be sufficient for some devices.
  • Screen Size: Tolton recommends a minimum 11” screen.
  • Input Devices: A device with a keyboard is a minimum requirement as is a mouse, trackpad, or other pointing device.  Some touch screens may meet this requirement, such as a Microsoft Surface Pro, but we strongly discourage use of tablets, both Android and Apple (iPads) at this time.
  • Special Features: Camera and microphone will ensure students can participate in 21st century learning activities and collaboration. (Optional)
  • Headphones / Earbuds (Optional)
  • A protective case is strongly recommended regardless of the device.

We do not recommend tablets, such as an iPad for BYOD, as the screen size and platform limits the capabilities of the device and may not meet some of our online assessment requirements.

Document your device serial number at home.  Place a label with the student’s name on the device and all cables and accessories.  Password protect your device.